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Team of professionals

Our company is its experience, procedures, successes and failures. It is, first and foremost, its human team. In the following section we will introduce you to the team you rely on when you place your trust in Word Works.

We are those gone, those still here, and those yet to come. We are everyone and we are one. Thank you to those gone, those still here, and those yet to come, for their personal and professional contribution.


When dreams come true

“Wanderer, there is no road, the road is made by walking…”

Antonio Machado

26 years ago we launched our WORD WORKS project. There were two of us: my husband, Luis María Revilla Alayza, a translator by trade, and I, a natural-born entrepreneur.

We had the idea and the dream of creating this company with a view to serving as a communication bridge between cultures. We began managing multilingual translation projects that would allow our clients to generate more business through the internationalization of their products. Furthermore, we made sure to surround ourselves with professionals whose love for the profession contributed greatly to our performance. Up until today, these professionals continue to be a part of our external and internal teams. We did so with high hopes, enthusiasm and passion.

All of this means that today we are thankful to our clients, our external translators and our in-house team for their outstanding work. Our dreams continue to serve our existing and future clients with these values that set us apart and define us:

- Professional insight.

- Swiftness and accuracy.

- Quest for a fair price.

Being able to continue leading the company gives me the joy of sharing knowledge through a job well done. This allows all of us to grow and create wealth in the world.

Constant learning allows us to further improve our quality of service. Additionally, the ongoing incorporation of technology applied to our sector contributes to the development of benefits targeted at our clients. This leads us to believe that we are the right partner for our clients. We are the partner who, after a simple consultation or the request for a quote, makes a commitment to the client and the project, going far beyond mere translation.

We would love to get to know you and learn more about your project. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Carmen Yates

Chief Executive Officer

Our department directors

I came to Word Works at a very young age and this company has seen me grow, not only professionally, but also personally. Although I have spent time in virtually every department, if there is one word that defines me, it would be “sociable”: I love meeting and bringing people together; that is why I am responsible for our Sales and Marketing team. We take care of recruitment and the growth of strategic accounts, so what we basically do is make new friends.

My passion? My company and my family. When I’m not working, you can probably find me in a park or on a terrace (either in Madrid or elsewhere: We love to travel!) with my partner and our one-year-old son, making the most of the outdoors.

Trilce Revilla-Yates

Chief Communications Officer

I have focused my whole professional career on sales in different sectors. Sales that are not perceived as a source of business as such, but rather as interpersonal relationships that often entail doing business. I first appeared in the world of translation many years ago, almost by chance, though maybe not. I feel passionate about this world that has so much to do with communication and relationships between people, and that’s why I am still here. I can’t imagine doing anything in my life without passion and desire.

Word Works has allowed me to continue to feel passionate about what I do; thanks to their team’s enthusiasm and good work, their spirit of service, the satisfaction of a job well done and, above all, the respect for people, whether clients or employees. A solid project backed by extensive experience and a background in the sector, which we are going to take to the next level hand in hand with our clients.

Santos Calle

Sales Director