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Arabic Translation Services

Did you know that there are more speakers of Arabic than the population of Germany, Spain, England, and France combined? This highly unusual language is the 5th most spoken in the world and one of 6 official languages used in UNO meetings.

Sooner or later, you may come across a document written in Arabic and not even realize that it’s read from right to left. Word Works can help you decipher its script and translate it into English or any language you please.

Or if you’re in need of text translation from English into Arabic, it might interest you to find out that your text will expand in around 25%. Don’t worry, with Word Works expert Arabic translation services we’ll keep its natural flow and layout.

Word Works specializes in all languages spoken in business and academic circles, and Arabic is certainly among them. Whether you need a quick linguistic consult or have an entire text that needs to be translated from or into Arabic, our Arabic translation services are at your disposal.

We assure you that you’ll receive an accurate, stylistically adjusted translation from Arabic to English, or vice-versa, from English to Arabic.


About the Arabic Language

Similar to Korean, Chinese or Japanese, the Arabic language is one of the hardest to learn. Not only does it share no more than a few resembling words with English, but it’s also phonetic, short on vowels, and marked with diglossia.

This means that there are two main varieties of Arabic, the first of which is the Semitic language used in writing and formal speech, while the second one is colloquial and reserved for everyday communication.

Arabic is spoken by more than 400 million people across the world and is established as the official language in more than 20 states. It goes without saying that all these countries have their own varieties, making it that much more difficult to become fully fluent in the language.

Even though all this makes Arabic translation services very difficult to master, we’re proud to say that our team of native speakers and language experts has managed to decode every nook and cranny of this particularly complex language and its many variants.


Word Works Arabic Translation Services

Whether you’re trying to nurture a business partnership with someone who speaks Arabic or need to target the audiences from the Arab Nation, Word Works can provide you with the most accurate and reliable Arabic translation services in the Western world.

With over 25 years of experience with this complicated, yet interesting language, Word Works is your go-to solution for collaborating with foreign speakers without any language barrier. The same applies to businesses who are looking to enter the Arabic market.

We provide a variety of Arabic translation services in many industries.

Some of these services are:

  • -   Arabic translation

  • -   Arabic revision

  • -   Layout design in Arabic

  • -   Software and web in Arabic

  • -   Arabic interpreting

  • -   Arabic e-learning

  • -   Video in Arabic

  • -   Arabic transcription

  • -   Arabic machine translation and post-editing

  • -   Arabic transcreation

  • -   Arabic technical writing

Word Works Expertise in Your Sector

With Arabic being the 5th most spoken language in the world and the Arab Nation being recognized as one the leading business hubs across the globe, it’s only a matter of time until your company will need Arabic translation services. Fortunately for you, Word Works boasts a 25-year long experience in working with all sectors, industries, and niches.

The sectors we’ve worked with are:

  • -   Medical

  • -   Pharmaceutical

  • -   Machinery

  • -   Engineering

  • -   Technology

  • -   Energy/Environmental

  • -   Automotive

  • -   Tourism/Traveling

  • -   Legal

  • -   Financial

  • -   Fashion

  • -   Beauty


Why Choose Word Works?

Since 1991, Word Works has strived to deliver the highest quality to our clients. As a leading certified Arabic translation service with almost 30 years’ experience, we know what’s best for our clients. Throughout the years, we’ve worked to guarantee this reputation as the highest quality Arabic translation company, by ensuring our services are updated and lawfully certified.

In 1999, Word Works was the first in our sector to achieve our ISO 9002:94 Quality Certification. Since then we have updated this certification to the most recent ISO 9001:2015 on Quality Management System and received an additional double certification in language project management processes and translation quality (ISO 17100:2015). Both ISO quality standard certifications have been recently renewed by the beginning of June 2018.

Our Quality Policy ensures that our clients will receive the most authentic Arabic translation. This is done by:

  • -   Upholding legal requirements of stakeholders

  • -   Guiding company processes to fulfill stakeholders’ expectations

  • -   Regularly set objectives

  • -   Motivating and training the best professionals in the industry

  • -   Providing our professionals with the most updated technology

  • -   Focus on customized service to achieve added value and client satisfaction

  • -   Developing actions to contribute to ongoing improvement

This policy has produced authentic and advanced Arabic translation services for over 25 years. Word Works guarantees the best professional translation services on the market. If you’re looking for help translating documents from English to Arabic or any translation services at all, request a quote with us!.