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Chinese Translation Services

Chinese is no walk in the park. Learning any dialect of the Chinese language takes years and years of hard work. It’s known as one of the most difficult languages to learn in the world. So when you’re in need of Chinese translation services, you may want to contact an expert.

With over 1 billion Chinese native speakers, you or your business is bound to run into a need for Chinese translation services. Whether you’re looking for a document translation from Chinese to English or certified legal Chinese translations, Word Works is here for all your Chinese translation needs.


About the Chinese Language

Chinese has a long and rich past. The Chinese language dates all the way back to the Shang Dynasty (1600-1046 BCE), making is one of the oldest languages that is still spoken today. As stated before there are 1 billion native Chinese speakers, making it the most used mother tongue in the world. That number doesn’t include the population of people who learned Chinese as a second language. That being said, Chinese has one of the largest presences on Earth.

There are multiple varieties of Chinese developed over the past 3000 years or so. They include Mandarin, Wu, Min, Gan, Hakka, Xiang, and Cantonese. Each variety is spoken in a different area of China. The standard Chinese spoken today is a modernized version of Chinese based on Mandarin.

The difficulty of Chinese is unparalleled in modern languages. The language itself is tonal which means that a meaning of any word can change based on the tone it’s said in. And to make things even more complicated, Chinese is host to the largest amount of similar sounding words in any language.

On top of all that, the language doesn’t use a standard alphabet as most languages use today. Chinese is the only pictographic language still in use today.


Word Works Chinese Translation Services

With that being said, Chinese translation is no easy task. That’s why the experts at Word Works provide the best translation services in the industry. Our experienced team of certified Chinese translators work to provide you with the most accurate language translations for your personal or business use.

For over 25 years, we’ve taken pride in being the speediest and most reliable Chinese translation agency in the industry. Our variety of professional Chinese translation services are bound to fulfill all of your needs. A few of these services are:

  • -   Chinese translation

  • -   Chinese revision

  • -   Layout design in Chinese

  • -   Software and web in Chinese

  • -   Chinese interpreting

  • -   Chinese e-learning

  • -   Video in Italian

  • -   Chinese transcription

  • -   Chinese machine translation and post-editing

  • -   Chinese transcreation

  • -   Chinese technical writing

Word Works Expertise in Your Sector

Every industry works in the international market. And with over 1 billion native Chinese speakers, chances are, whatever industry you’re in, you’ll have a need for Chinese translation services at one point or another. Word Works provides the leading Chinese language translation services for every sector.

A few sectors we’ve provided Chinese translations for are:

  • -   Medical

  • -   Pharmaceutical

  • -   Machinery

  • -   Engineering

  • -   Technology

  • -   Energy/Environmental

  • -   Automotive

  • -   Tourism/Traveling

  • -   Legal

  • -   Financial

  • -   Fashion

  • -   Beauty


Why Choose Word Works?

Since 1991, Word Works has strived to deliver the highest quality to our clients. As a leading certified Chinese translation service with almost 30 years experience, we know what’s best for our clients. Throughout the years, we’ve worked to guarantee this reputation as the highest quality Chinese translation company, by ensuring our services are updated and lawfully certified.

In 1999, Word Works was the first in our sector to achieve our ISO 9002:94 Quality Certification. Since then we have updated this certification to the most recent ISO 9001:2015 on Quality Management System and received an additional double certification in language project management processes and translation quality (ISO 17100:2015). Both ISO quality standard certifications have been recently renewed by the beginning of June 2018.

Our Quality Policy ensures that our clients will receive the most authentic Italian translation. This is done by:

  • -   Upholding legal requirements of stakeholders

  • -   Guiding company processes to fulfill stakeholders’ expectations

  • -   Regularly set objectives

  • -   Motivating and training the best professionals in the industry

  • -   Providing our professionals with the most updated technology

  • -   Focus on customized service to achieve added value and client satisfaction

  • -   Developing actions to contribute to ongoing improvement

This policy has produced authentic and advanced Chinese translation services for over 25 years. Word Works guarantees the best professional translation services on the market.

If you’re looking for help translating documents from English to Chinese or any translation services at all, request a quote with us!.