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Greek Translation Services

The Greek language comes from one of the most culturally achieved civilizations of all time. This Indo-European language is the oldest recorded living language. Greek dates back to the 3rd millennium BC. The only slightly similar language to Greek is Armenian, but still, there are many differences between the two.

Languages this old are complex and can be difficult to comprehend if they’re not your native language. The grammar and pronunciation in Greek can be extremely difficult. Apart from that, the Greek alphabet is completely different from any other alphabet and it needs to be studied intensively to understand it fully.

To bypass these troubles and save time and money on learning this language contact Word Works. We can provide you with all of the essential Greek translation services you might be needing. Furthermore, with us, you can rest assured that every word will be translated and written accurately without any mistakes.


About the Greek Language

The Greek language stretches back to over 3,400 years. It is the oldest Indo-European language. Over 13 million people around the world speak Greek and, apart from the eastern Balkans, it is spoken across the EU, and in the US as well.

The Greek language has several different dialects including:

  • -   Demotic or vernacular, the most spoken version of Greek, and the official version that was adopted in 1976.

  • -   Katharévousa is an adapted version of classical Greek and it was used in the administration, courts, scientific, and research during the 19th century and some parts of the 20th century.

  • -   Koine is a combination of Demotic and Katharévousa. This version is used on official occasions and, at the moment, it is the primary education medium in Greece.


Word Works Greek Translation Services

All companies need to target certain groups of people in their work. If your target group is Greeks, you’ll never be able to communicate fully unless you understand their language. With over 13 million native Greek speakers, there is huge potential in this market and, what’s even better, is the fact that there is a lot of space for new companies.

Word Works Greek translation agency offers professional Greek translation services and much more. Not only that you will have the ability to speak to the Greek market, partners, and stakeholders in spotless Greek, but you will also be able to get different styles of writing and documents to utilize your influence.

No matter if you need tips, consultations, translations from Greek to English, or vice-versa, we are here to help. Our services are focused on many different industries. With our wide range of expertise and experience, we know what is required in different industries to deliver the best possible results. Here are some of our services:

  • -   Greek translation

  • -   Greek revision

  • -   Layout design in Greek

  • -   Software and web in Greek

  • -   Greek interpreting

  • -   Greek e-learning

  • -   Video in Greek

  • -   Greek transcription

  • -   Greek machine translation and post-editing

  • -   Greek transcreation

  • -   Greek technical writing

Word Works Expertise in Your Sector

Our extensive experience has allowed us to expand our professional services on multiple sectors. Our linguists and translators have knowledge in several different industries and we are proud to say that we can master any language and any type of writing or translation with ease.

We understand that there are countless sectors out there that might need different translation services with different styles of the Greek language. This is why we have built such a versatile team that can handle so many different industries such as:

  • -   Medical

  • -   Pharmaceutical

  • -   Machinery

  • -   Engineering

  • -   Technology

  • -   Energy / Environmental

  • -   Automotive

  • -   Tourism

  • -   Travel

  • -   Legal

  • -   Financial

  • -   Fashion

  • -   Beauty


Why Choose Word Works?

Since 1991, Word Works has strived to deliver the highest quality to our clients. As a leading certified Greek translation service with almost 30 years experience, we know what’s best for our clients. Throughout the years, we’ve worked to guarantee this reputation as the highest quality Greek translation company, by ensuring our services are updated and lawfully certified.

In 1999, Word Works was the first in our sector to achieve our ISO 9002:94 Quality Certification. Since then we have updated this certification to the most recent ISO 9001:2015 on Quality Management System and received an additional double certification in language project management processes and translation quality (ISO 17100:2015). Both ISO quality standard certifications have been recently renewed by the beginning of June 2018.

Our Quality Policy ensures that our clients will receive the most authentic Hebrew translation. This is done by:

  • -   Upholding legal requirements of stakeholders

  • -   Guiding company processes to fulfill stakeholders’ expectations

  • -   Regularly set objectives

  • -   Motivating and training the best professionals in the industry

  • -   Providing our professionals with the most updated technology

  • -   Focus on customized service to achieve added value and client satisfaction

  • -   Developing actions to contribute to ongoing improvement

This policy has produced authentic and advanced Greek translation services for over 25 years. Word Works guarantees the best professional translation services on the market.

If you’re looking for help translating documents from English to Greek or any translation services at all, request a quote with us!.