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Hebrew Translation Services

Over 9 million people around the worlds speak Hebrew. Ever since Israel became an independent country, the number of speakers has been expanding as well as the importance of knowing Hebrew. With proper Hebrew translation services, you’ll be exposed to opportunities everywhere and be able to create business relationships that weren’t possible before

Hebrew can be difficult to learn, especially because so little people speak it. It’s not a language you can just pick up off the street. At one point, this language was near extinction because the Jewish people were forced to exile from their hometown Jerusalem and, when they came to Babylon, weren’t allowed to speak Hebrew.

At Word Works, you will get professionals that are fluent in Hebrew and have the knowledge to make quality translations. No matter if you want to translate technical documents, books, articles, or anything else, we have the knowledge to provide you with translations that are up to the highest standards.


About the Hebrew Language

The Hebrew language is a member of the Semitic language family within the Northwestern group. This language is related to Moabite and Phoenician languages and some scholars classify them in the same subcategories. This language dates back to ancient times. It was spoken at its current location, Palestine, and it was “replaced” by Aramaic during the 3rd century BC.

It was not revived as a spoken language until the 19th century and, today, it is one of the official languages of Israel. The modern Hebrew language is built on its biblical version and it has a lot of innovations which were implemented to meet modern demands. This language is over 4,000 years old and not many people are fluent in Hebrew and its grammar.


Word Works Professional Hebrew Translation Services

Today, Israel and the Jewish community around the world have a strong influence on business, politics, economy, and culture.

It can be difficult to find an associate that is fluent in Hebrew. This is where Word Works will help you and get precise Hebrew translations. With over 25 years in providing translation services, Word Works has made reliable partners even for ancient languages such as Hebrew.

No matter if you need full translations from Hebrew to English or the other way around, we’ve got you covered. We are proficient in translating large documents, business contracts, and even old historical documents to Hebrew. Some of the Hebrew translation services that we provide in various industries include:

  • -   Hebrew translation

  • -   Hebrew revision

  • -   Layout design in Hebrew

  • -   Software and web in Hebrew

  • -   Hebrew interpreting

  • -   Hebrew e-learning

  • -   Video in Hebrew

  • -   Hebrew transcription

  • -   Hebrew machine translation and post-editing

  • -   Hebrew transcreation

  • -   Hebrew technical writing

Word Works Certified Translation Expertise in Your Sector

At Word Works, we have a wide array of experience and have worked in many different sectors. One of the things that we are proud of is the fact that our services have been hired throughout almost any industries.

We know that the Hebrew language is not a common one and that it can present a large obstacle in the business world. This is why we’ve chosen only the best professional translators that are certified Hebrew experts and some of them even have a Jewish background which can help provide better translations. We might even give you some cultural advice if needed.

Here are some of the sectors we worked in:

  • -   Medical

  • -   Pharmaceutical

  • -   Machinery

  • -   Engineering

  • -   Technology

  • -   Energy / Environmental

  • -   Automotive

  • -   Tourism / Traveling

  • -   Legal

  • -   Financial

  • -   Fashion

  • -   Beauty


Why Choose Word Works?

Since 1991, Word Works has strived to deliver the highest quality to our clients. As a leading certified Hebrew translation service with almost 30 years experience, we know what’s best for our clients. Throughout the years, we’ve worked to guarantee this reputation as the highest quality Hebrew translation company, by ensuring our services are updated and lawfully certified.

In 1999, Word Works was the first in our sector to achieve our ISO 9002:94 Quality Certification. Since then, we have updated this certification to the most recent ISO 9001:2015 on Quality Management System and received an additional double certification in language project management processes and translation quality (ISO 17100:2015). Both ISO quality standard certifications have been recently renewed at the beginning of June 2018.

Our Quality Policy ensures that our clients will receive the most authentic Hebrew translation. This is done by:

  • -   Upholding legal requirements of stakeholders

  • -   Guiding company processes to fulfill stakeholders’ expectations

  • -   Regularly set objectives

  • -   Motivating and training the best professionals in the industry

  • -   Providing our professionals with the most updated technology

  • -   Focus on customized service to achieve added value and client satisfaction

  • -   Developing actions to contribute to ongoing improvement

This policy has produced authentic and advanced Hebrew translation services for over 25 years. Word Works guarantees the best professional translation services on the market.

If you’re looking for help translating documents from English to Hebrew, or any translation services at all, request a quote with us!.