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Gaelic or Irish Translation services

With the globalization of all markets, Ireland’s market has expanded rapidly, becoming an international player. Doing business with international partners and clients has become a daily routine for many companies. If you believe you could benefit from Irish translation services, Word Works is here to help.

Here at Word Works, we’re aware that translating a document to Irish requires specific knowledge and skills - something that you probably don't have in-house. This is why we’re here. Word Works is able to handle all your Irish translation projects.


About the Irish (Gaelic) Language

The Irish language is called Gaelic in Ireland but, for the rest of the world, it’s regularly referred to as Irish. It belongs to the Indo-European language family. Irish is the official language of the Republic of Ireland and an official language of the European Union.

Irish is a very distinctive language, but sadly, there are not as many Irish speaks as in the past. Today, only around 100,000 people speak Irish every day. Due to its unique syntax and pronunciation, the Irish language is not on the easy to learn spectrum.

The unique word order in the sentence makes translating documents from English to Irish (and vice-versa) a task that requires knowledge and years of experience. And that’s exactly where Word Works comes in.


Word Works Irish Translation Services

If your marketing experts have told you that your next move is to penetrate the Irish market, the Irish language will help you do so more effectively. Word Works offers Irish to English (and vice-versa) translation services to help your business achieve great results.

This also applies if you want to partner up with an Irish company. We will help you establish a great relationship from the start. Our professional Irish translation services are the result of hard work.

In fact, over the last 25 years, we have been perfecting our Irish translation services to meet the specific demands of our clients. We have worked with businesses from all industry branches, which gives us a unique insight into the client's needs. Word Works is here to help you whether you need just a few Irish tips or professional help with translating documents from Irish to English (or vice-versa).

Some the Irish translation services we provide are:

  • -   Irish translation

  • -   Irish revision

  • -   Layout design in Irish

  • -   Software and web in Irish

  • -   Irish interpreting

  • -   Irish e-learning

  • -   Video in Irish

  • -   Irish transcription

  • -   Irish machine translation and post-editing

  • -   Irish transcreation

  • -   Irish technical writing

Word Works Expertise in Your Sector

Word Works offers Irish translation services to companies across all sectors. We’re aware that your business might end up needing foreign translation services in critical times. This is why we offer a reliable and efficient service. Thanks to our years of experience, you can now communicate with people wherever they are with a click of a button. We are here to make that communication efficient and accurate.

We’ve worked in a variety of industries, including:

  • -   Medical

  • -   Pharmaceutical

  • -   Machinery

  • -   Engineering

  • -   Technology

  • -   Energy / Environmental

  • -   Automotive

  • -   Tourism / Traveling

  • -   Legal

  • -   Financial

  • -   Fashion

  • -   Beauty


Why Choose Word Works?

Quality has been Word Work’s driving force since 1991. As a leading certified Irish translation service, we provide the absolute best and most accurate translation for our clients.

In 1999, Word Works was the first in our sector to achieve our ISO 9002:1994 Quality Certification. Since then we have updated this certification to the most recent ISO 9001:2015 on Quality Management System and received an additional certification in language project management processes and translation quality (ISO 17100:2015). Both ISO quality standard certifications have been recently renewed by the beginning of June 2018.

Our Quality Policy ensures that our clients will receive the most authentic Irish translation. This is done by:

  • -   Upholding legal requirements of stakeholders

  • -   Guiding company processes to fulfill stakeholders’ expectations

  • -   Regularly set objectives

  • -   Motivating and training the best professionals in the industry

  • -   Providing our professionals with the most updated technology

  • -   Focus on customized service to achieve added value and client satisfaction

  • -   Developing actions to contribute to ongoing improvement

This policy has produced authentic and advanced Irish translation services since 1991. Word Works guarantees the best professional translation services on the market. If you’re looking for help translating documents from English to Irish or any translation services at all, request a quote with us!.