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Quality: our driving force since 1991

As a company committed to quality, in 1999 we were the first Spanish company in our sector to achieve ISO 9002:94 quality certification, nowadays replaced by ISO 9001:2015.

We have reinforced this commitment by obtaining the double certification developed especially for language project management processes: ISO 17100:2015 (previously UNE:EN 15038) and ISO 9001:2015.

You can download both certificates, recently issued by EQA, in the following links:

Quality Policy

The Management at WORD WORKS S.L., a company devoted to providing language project management services (translation, revision, sworn translation, transcription, layout design, localisation, transcreation and interpreting) whose main purpose is to deliver top quality services so as to continue to be a benchmark in our sector, has identified quality management as a strategic factor for the organisation as a whole.

That is why they are committed to the development, communication and revision of this Quality Policy, expressed in the following elements and commitments:

  • Ensure that the legal requirements and those of the stakeholders in relation to our activities are known, fulfilled and kept up to date.

  • Guide the company’s processes and activities in order to better fulfil our stakeholders’ expectations.

  • Regularly set and assess improvement objectives, in a systematic, objective and rigorous manner, so as to ensure the quality and continuous improvement of our services.

  • Motivate and train our professionals so our services may grow with the utmost quality, in addition to providing them with the necessary technical resources to make this possible.

  • Provide added value to our services depending on the requirements and demands we receive from our clients, focusing on a customised service and the efficiency and effectiveness of our processes so as to achieve client satisfaction.

  • Develop actions contributing to the ongoing improvement of quality management by analysing the information provided by the management system (process indicators, client satisfaction, audit results, and so on) and defining preventive and corrective measures.

This Policy is made available to the stakeholders and is reviewed regularly for improvement and adjustment.

Carmen Yates

Chief Executive Officer

16 January 2018