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Energy and Environment Translation Services

As technology continues to evolve and grow rapidly, so does the issues with energy usage and our effect on the environment. This has led to a substantial growth of the energy and environment sector, which is attempting daily to preserve our world and create a more conscious world where we don’t exploit nature.

The issues of this sector are ever-present and organizations need to be able to work seamlessly anywhere in the world. This means that there is an endless language barrier and as they don’t make large profits, it’s impossible to have full-time translators on their staffs.

This is why we have worked hard over the years to train and hire people that have knowledge and experience in the energy industry. Our team of linguists has extensive knowledge in this area. This reflects on the quality of energy translation services that they can provide.

Our Experience in the Energy Industry

Nature has its laws. At the same time, the energy industry has begun using green technologies which abide by these laws and creating applications that will allow us to pursue business interest while saving the environment.

Word Works has knowledge of the environmental laws which outline how everyone must protect the environment. These laws affect the documentation and language which is used. Additionally, each country has its own laws and language which you need to abide by. Our extensive knowledge in regulation and technical language allows us to deliver translations that will be both accurate and compliant.

Given the fact that in the automotive industry everything is regulated and standardized, it reflects a lot on the language and documentation. We know all the rules and exactly how to express information and details properly so that everything is clear and understandable.

Reduction of carbon emissions document translations

One of the most essential points of climate change is carbon emission and the need to exploit different sources of energy which are more environmentally friendly. We understand this field and offer transcription, interpretation, and translation with our energy translation services.

Climate change work

In recent history, climate change has been one of the most important topics when it comes to the environment, as there is more and more research showing that the shift is happening rapidly due to modern technology, fossil fuels and so on. With our linguistic knowledge, we can help you make a case for your cause.

Environmental-friendly technology

Environment-friendly technology or green technology is one of the biggest trends that support reduced carbon emissions, greater energy efficiency, sustainable, and renewable technology.

Our knowledge in other industries such as technology and automotive, combined with the energy and environment sector gives us the ability to offer translations, corrections, and fact-checking that helps us create a compelling story for all stakeholders.

Water conservation work

The preservation and use of water sources is also a very important topic. Our employees not only know how to translate all relevant documents, regulations, laws, and studies, but we also have extensive knowledge on how water can be preserved, which systems preserve it, and which are harmful.

Word Works gives you environmental translation services that will give you and other parties the full picture of an issue.

Environmental law

Environmental law is a very complex subject. It applies to many things such as the negative effects of processes and installations, protection of various living species, water quality, air quality, and much more. Our environmental translation services allow you to be completely clear on legislation and be absolutely precise with regulations from one country to another.

Environmental Translation Services We Provide

Our wide range of experience comes from working in this sector with some of the largest organizations such as Grupo Inclam, Greenmomit, European Water Jetting Institute, and many others. Some of the projects that we’ve done for them are:

  • •  Promotional material translations

  • •  Procedural translations

  • •  Technical documents translations

  • •  Standard translations

  • •  Regulation translations

  • •  Legislative translations

  • •  Financial document translations

  • •  Installation manual translations

  • •  Translation of certificates

If you’re in need of any of these services, request a quote with us today!