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Fashion & Beauty Translation Services

The demand for fashion and beauty translation services is continuously growing in this e-commerce driven global economy. Many companies in the fashion and beauty industry have joined the online world. Selling online has become the best way to sell products in various markets, so these fashion and beauty companies require translation services now, more than ever before.

Benefits of Fashion and Beauty Translation Services

Since omnipresence in various markets is the goal of most companies from the fashion and beauty industry, they need a translation of their product descriptions and marketing material in various languages. Our team of translators that are experts in the fashion and beauty sector have a lot of experience considering this field of business.

For developing and growing businesses, companies need to engage with their customers and provide them with a positive customer experience. Customers are satisfied only if they can understand what the company is offering. That means that each product description and marketing material should be translated into the natural language spoken in the area of your target customer.

For the fashion and beauty industry, we supply translation services for:

  • •  Marketing Campaigns

  • •  Brochures

  • •  Leaflet

  • •  Websites

  • •  Packaging

  • •  Branding

  • •  Copywriting

  • •  Product Descriptions and Cautions

Fashion Translation Services

Translation in the fashion industry is essential for functional cooperation between companies and clients, especially in e-commerce. If you’re selling clothes, footwear, or accessories, every product must include an accurate description considering materials, sizes, and other features.

For the best customer experience, you should provide your clients with all the information considering pricing and shipping methods in an accurate translation.

Beauty Translation Services

The beauty industry sells care products, makeup, and other products for personal hygiene, so it’s crucial that the translation of the product description is 100% accurate. It’s is essential for successful engagement between companies and customers.

Product descriptions must include the composition of each product, primarily because of possible allergens and other ingredients. If you want to provide your clients with a positive customer experience, the translation must be accurate and detailed.

Partnering with Word Works

We can provide you with the best fashion and beauty translation services. Our team of translators is dedicated and experienced. If you choose us, we’ll provide you with quality translations and an excellent experience. With Word Works, you have access to:

  •  Translators with years of experience in the fashion and beauty industry

  •  Suitable terminology in more than 30 languages

  •  Benefits like increased sales and standing out in a crowded marketplace

  •  Fast turnaround

Other Services

Besides basic translations for the services, we provide a full range of other translation services to make sure that your company has every resource they need to hit the global market. These additional services include:

  •  Translation

  •  Revision

  •  Layout design

  •  Software & Web

  •  Interpreting

  •  Video

  •  And much more

Over 30 Languages to Choose From

Our company can provide you with translations in over 30 languages. From Arabic to Spanish, Word Works has the resources to take your fashion or beauty brand global.

Word Works is the leading choice for any translation services needed for the fashion and beauty industry. If you’re in need of any of these services, please request a quote today!