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Legal and financial

This field of business requires additional linguistic knowledge. Very often, translators are making mistakes due to week and poor understanding of the translated matter. Legal or financial companies, as well as legal entities or individuals who need a correct translation of specific documentation, will benefit from partnering with legal or financial translation agency like Word Works.

Incorrect translations of legal and financial documentation can cause severe issues. Our sector of legal and financial translators have years of experience in these fields. If you choose to partner with Word Works, we will provide you with the most accurate translation in a timely manner.

Importance of Legal Translation Services

Legal documents are often drafted to reference rights and responsibilities. In order to assure an accurate translation, the translator requires specialized knowledge, accuracy, and responsibility. Our translators from this sector have specialized knowledge and practical terminology, and they can provide you with legal translations that ensure accuracy and precision. That way, your documentation remains accurate, no matter the language.

Our legal translation services also include translation of:

  • •  Translation

  • •  Terms and conditions

  • •  Regulations

  • •  Criminal procedures

  • •  Complaints

  • •  Divorce proceedings

  • •  Letters of intent

  • •  Survey reports

  • •  Diplomas

  • •  And much more

Importance of Financial Translation Services

Another reason for working with a legal translation agency is that sometimes, some institutions might require evidentiary document translations. If you want to ensure that your rights or finances from damage or malpractice, only a legal translation agency can provide you with accurate and safe translation services.

Financial documents usually include confidential information, and we can guarantee a safe and secure exchange of documentation, as well as accurate translation of all complex terminology and vocabulary contained in your documents.

To help you understand how important financial translations are, here are some fields usually included in financial translation services:

  • Website Localization: If you’re a financial agency, your website must be localized so that foreign clients can access your business information directly.

  • Financial Data: Only a specialized translator can provide you with accurate translations for financial data. To avoid regulatory and legal issues, you should choose the best available translators such as Word Works

Our financial translation services include translation of annual reports, audit reports, banking documents, workplace regulations, takeover bids, investment plans, balance sheets and financial statements, notarial documents, and many more financial documents.

Types of Translation Services We Provide

Our company contains many sectors for various translation services, and every sector is assigned to some industry.

We can provide various translation services:

  • •  Translation

  • •  Revision

  • •  Layout design

  • •  Software & Web

  • •  Interpreting

  • •  e-Learning

  • •  Video

  • •  And much more

Translations in Over 30 Languages

Our company can provide you with translations in over 30 languages. We pride ourselves on offering the most accurate and precise translations. Our company worked with banks, insurance companies, accounting companies, financial consultancies, audit firms, tax advisors, law offices, notarial offices and many other legal and financial companies. Our translators are experienced in legal and financial translation services, so we can ensure successful cooperation.

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