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Translation Services for Technology Industry

As a translation agency with over 25 years of experience, we have seen how technology rapidly evolved and became one of the driving factors for businesses across the world. During this period, we were honored to be able to work with organizations focused on creating and delivering new tech solutions to their clients.

As an evolving organization, we also adopted many new technologies that helped us improve our services and become more efficient. Since technology started advancing rapidly, we recognized just how important it was going to be and that we should also focus on this sector alongside our translation services.

No matter if you want to internationalize or localize your solutions, we have the knowledge to deliver exceptional translations through a great number of professional linguists. We are always keeping up with the latest technology solutions so our translation services are always up-to-date.

Grow Your Business

At the moment, there is no sector that has more potential for business growth than the technology industry. For technological solutions and software applications, the whole world is a constant opportunity.

However, there is competition in this market and to reach people in the other parts of the world, you need professional translation services which will allow you to communicate your messages, products, and goals to localized audiences. There is no better way of finding potential business partners and customers than communicating with them in their native language.

Not everyone speaks English around the world and that’s why it is best to communicate with them in their local language. Not only will it be easier to communicate, but you will also get closer to people, as they will see that you are making an effort to create new business opportunities.

Advanced Translation Services for the Technology Industry

No matter if your business has built its presence on various international markets, or you are just starting to build a strategy for creating an international presence, you will need reliable partners that have the knowledge to make this happen. Our advanced translation services for the technology industry don’t include just professional translations.

We have great knowledge and experience of language, cultural factors, and differences, as well as valuable knowledge about technology that will help you create a global business that is recognized and respected. Word Works is the partner you need to make a breakthrough in the international technology world.

Localization services

No matter if you are looking to sell tech solutions to a foreign market, building a website for a certain target audience, or looking to find local partners Word Works can help. You need technical expertise, linguistic professionalism, and cultural awareness for your efforts to be effective.

Internationalization services

In case you already have software solutions in a certain language, but you would like to expand the sales through different markets, we have all the knowledge needed to adapt your solutions linguistically so that other markets will adopt them quickly.

Translation services

As one of our three core services, we also provide translation services for the technology industry which are specifically adjusted for this sector. We understand the terminology and how the tech industry communicates in various languages. We can deliver your message effectively and save you a lot of time and money.

Types of translation services we provide

All translation services that we provide are done by linguists who have specialized tech knowledge, as well as being experts in different languages. Some of our largest tech clients are Viessmann, Cyberoam Technologies, and Software AG. Here are some of the translation services we’ve provided for the technology industry:

  • •  Patent translation

  • •  Software solution translation

  • •  Website translations

  • •  Translating manuals

  • •  Review translations

  • •  Publication translations

  • •  Instructions translations

  • •  Marketing material translations

  • •  Company document translations

  • •  Technical documents translations

These are just some of the translation services that we provide, as we have experience in many other areas. Feel free to contact us for a free quote!