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Solutions for your company


Trust Word Works with the translation of your projects. Our team of project managers will locate the right professional experts, whether you be in need of general, specialised or sworn translations.


We process your texts until achieving the best possible version. Our specialised native revisers will help to ensure that the message is conveyed perfectly, no matter how complex it may be.

Layout design

We lay out all kinds of documents, offering solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. Our team of layout designers and graphic designers will take care of everything so that your documents are ready for print.

Software and Web

We go beyond mere translation and thoroughly adapt your website or software, both technically and cosmetically. We deliver the complete project, including testing.


We place our team of highly qualified interpreters with extensive experience at your disposal, as well as the most advanced technology, in order to ensure that your event or meeting is a success.


E-learning meets the need for education when there is no time to attend conventional training centres. We rely on technical and linguistic equipment that is tailored to the particular needs of this emerging service.


Nowadays, more than ever, a picture is worth a thousand words. That is why at Word Works we rely on top professionals to regenerate video material in different languages for different platforms.

Other services

These past years and all of our clients’ needs have gone a long way. In our eagerness to always offer the best service possible, we have added solutions to our portfolio along the way. We hope you find yours.



If you have a previously-translated document and you wish to verify that it has no mistakes, ensure that it is free of ambiguities and that the right style has been used, our experienced professionals and specialists will process the text until achieving the best possible version thereof.

We also offer this service as a complementary part of the translation service. Pursuant to the quality certification specific to our sector (ISO 17100:2015), we recommend that the workflow always include a revision on behalf of a native linguist. As with the translator, the reviser always has the necessary experience in the sector the text is being addressed to.

Layout design

At Word Works we place a magnificent team of layout designers and graphic designers from all over the globe at your disposal; that way we are able to guarantee the adequacy of both the foundation and the layout of your documentation.

Because the presentation of your documents is a very important aspect. Because, more often than not, it is necessary to adapt the graphic design after the content has been validated. Because every country and every market may require a specific adaptation. Whichever the reason, our team will ensure that the documentation is ready for print.

In short, exceptional quality of the content is not all that matters, but also exemplary presentation that will help the target audience feel at ease when reading.

Software and web

At times, translation alone is not enough to ensure proper communication, even more so when it comes to online communication or software. The process of adapting a website or a programme to another market or language is known in our sector as localisation.

When offering you website localisation, we go far beyond mere translation: we adapt your website, i.e. your international showcase, to the specific market it is being aimed at.

This very process of localisation is applied if your product is an application or software: cultural adaptation, language redirection, exhaustive testing, cosmetic and technical adaptation, etc. We take charge of the product from beginning to end so that you only have to worry about what’s most important: selling it.


Have you scheduled a business trip and are in need of a hand during your business negotiations? Are you preparing an international conference or event? Are you visiting a trade fair outside of Spain? We offer consecutive, simultaneous and liaison interpreting solutions, allowing you to ensure success in each and every one of these situations.

Our team of interpreters will accompany you to any corner of the world in order to provide support with flawless professional quality. We currently rely on regular collaborations and interpreters from all over the world. Furthermore, we provide the best accredited technical and professional equipment (headsets, microphones and booths) so as to ensure flawless results.


Nowadays, all industries are increasing their degree of specialisation and internationalisation at breakneck speed. Moreover, we don’t have the time to attend conventional training centres. Hence, online training has now become an indispensable tool.

E-learning platforms are becoming increasingly more complex. That is why it is important to be able to rely on a provider having the appropriate expertise so as to carry out the global management of these projects. Right from the recording or subtitling of the videos until their translation into all the necessary languages, including audio and text.

At Word Works we boast extensive experience in e-learning. We collaborate in corporate in-house training projects as well as with universities and training centres from all over the world. Please do not hesitate to consult us.


Working with audiovisual platforms implies an added complexity that can only be tackled by top professionals in this sector. Subtitling, dubbing or transcription of corporate videos or any type of videos for that matter do not pose a challenge for our teams.

In many cases, companies require a cultural adaptation of their videos and so, in addition to providing a finished product, we rely on consultants from across the globe who help us to ensure that the video conveys the message that the client wished to launch in the target market.



In some cases, and for very different reasons, there are audio or video files that need to be put down on paper. Additionally, transcription is a crucial stage in any audiovisual translation process. Thanks to our in-house team of professionals and specialised transcribers, we will meet your expectations regardless of the format of your audio or video recording and the language pair you may need.

We are able to extract the text from any type of audio in any type of format for its subsequent processing. Whether for its subsequent translation or layout design.

Machine translation and post‑editing

Machine translation is increasingly gaining ground, not just in our sector, but also in Internet users' daily lives. The misuse of several tools has amassed a remarkable assortment of anecdotes. This doesn’t change the fact that today, more than ever, machine translation is a reality.

At Word Works we rely on professional translation tools that ensure the confidentiality of your documentation, which is something people often forget when using free online tools. Depending on the sector, the language pair and, above all, the end use of the text, we offer you our machine translation solution, together with a professional post-editing service. Ask us for more information.


Sometimes a translation won’t suffice, and even top native professionals are unable to adapt a text to a specific market. In order for these texts to reach a target market, it is crucial to bring forward the essence of the values of this sector and this task can only be taken on by professionals who are highly specialised in marketing.

We rely on professionals in the fields of publicity and marketing from across the globe who undertake to adapt your message to the market it is being aimed at.

Technical writing

As always, by relying on our team of professionals within each sector, we offer our clients technical writing services. In recent years, we have not only assisted in the drafting of user manuals and technical manuals, but also that of informative and specialised articles.

Moreover, we cooperate in developing contents for social networks and professional platforms.