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Proofreading & Revision Services

In the business world, it is incredibly important to work with documents that are impeccably written and perfectly organized, with absolutely no spelling or grammar mistakes. All your business documents and various other business-related texts need to have a natural flow and incorporate a proper style that reflects the nature of your business.

This is especially important if you’re working with international business partners or looking to expand your services to international markets, as you’ll need multiple documents translated to and from different languages. In such cases, you need to make sure that all your previously-translated documents have the right style and absolutely no mistakes or any language ambiguities.

That’s where Word Works comes in. We have a team of professionals and language experts with years of experience in providing the most reliable proofreading services, revision services, and language editing services. We can help you represent your business in the best possible light and effectively streamline your operations.

Professional Revision Services

Our revision services include meticulous reading every document to make sure everything is written perfectly. Our certified revisors will look at the big picture of your every document to ensure that there is a natural flow and that every bit of information is presented logically.

Our team will make sure that all sentences are clear and that all the points are properly explained so that there’s absolutely no room for confusion. They’ll polish your texts and make sure that they are perfectly organized, focused, and tailored to your target audience.

Professional Proofreading Services

Proofreading is the next step. Once we revise your text, our professional proof-readers will make sure that there are no punctuation, spelling, grammar or mechanical errors in your documents.

They will also go over footnotes, references, citations, lists, and subheadings to ensure they are all properly formatted. With an eagle eye for details, they will carefully sweep through your texts and check every single word for mistakes.

Language Editing Services

We understand how important it is for your translated documents or books to be free of any style or ambiguity errors, which is precisely why our team is full of native speakers of many languages. After revision and proofreading, they will check the clarity and accuracy or your documents and create exceptionally polished and well-written texts.

Our Multi-Sector Expertise

Word Works has a dedicated team of proofreading and revision experts who can make sure that all your documents and papers are absolutely impeccable in terms of grammar, vocabulary, and style. We’re proud to be working with numerous native speakers and language experts who can provide you with the best proofreading services, as well as certified revision services.

With almost 30 years of experience, Word Works has established itself as one of the best agencies for language editing services on the market. We offer our services to almost every industry sector.

  • •  Medical   &   Pharmaceutical

  • •  Machinery  &   Engineering

  • •  Technology

  • •  Energy  &   Environment

  • •  Automotive

  • •  Tourism  &   Traveling

  • •  Legal  &   Financial

  • •  Fashion  &   Beauty

Why Choose Word Works

With almost 30 years of experience, Word Works has become one of the best and most reliable agencies for professional proofreading services, revision services, and language editing services. Since 1991, quality has been our primary driving force.

We have received the quality certification specific to our sector (ISO 17100:2015), and we actually offer our proofreading and revision services as a complementary part of our translation services. We work with native translators and linguists with the necessary experience in every industry sector, so we can provide you with exceptional services and help you seamlessly run your business.

If you need to proofread, revise or edit various business documents, scientific papers or even entire books, Word Works is here to help. Contact us today and request a quote with us!