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Software and Web Services

With more and more people referring to the internet as their primary source of information, it has become increasingly important to deliver content tailored to the native language of the user. Here at Word Works, we’re aware that both website translation services and software translation services have to meet the latest localization requirements.

Our skilled translators have profound knowledge and expertise when it comes to translating websites and software. Let us be your partners when expanding to new markets. Our software and web translation services will help you communicate your overarching message and improve your customer/user experience.

Professional Software Translation Services

Localizing your software product is so much more than a mere translation. Over the years, we have fine-tuned our software translation services to reflect the most sophisticated industry needs. At the same time, we pay great attention to the end user and aim our localization to achieve ease of use and a delightful user experience.

In order to deliver the ultimate translation service, we will have to hear from you and get familiar with your goals. Then, we will see your software solution and help you achieve success in your target market. Our services consist of several processes, including:

- cultural adaptation
- language redirection
- exhaustive testing
- cosmetic and technical adaptation
- and much more

Our software translation services are developed to help you deliver the product as if they were originally developed for the market you are trying to penetrate. So far, we’ve worked with numerous software development companies.

Professional Web Translation Services

We are aware that your website is your most valuable online asset, and we will treat it as such. Our specialized website translators will assess your website in order to make specific recommendations for the target market.

In order to localize your website, we will have to go beyond mere translation. We will identify your market needs and requirements and adapt your website so that it reflects all of them, just like we do with our software translation services. In our experience, this is the most efficient way of penetrating the new market and making your website appealing to an entirely new group of people.

We do all of this according to the latest web design standards so that your website administrators can easily implement the new changes and have your newly localized website up and running in no time.

The Languages We Translate

Word Works provides software and web translation services in over 30 global languages. If you want your app or website localized, we’re the company that can make it happen for you. Our specialized translators will help you localize your valuable assets and successfully expand your reach to foreign markets.

Our Expertise

Here at Word Works, we only work with dedicated and established experts in the field of professional translation. Rest assured that your website and software will shine linguistically. To provide the best translation services in the industry, we only work with native speakers and language experts.

Our nearly 30 years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients stand as proof that we are one of the leading translation companies in the world. During this time, we have worked in and provided our services to many different sectors.

  • •  Medical   &   Pharmaceutical

  • •  Machinery  &   Engineering

  • •  Technology

  • •  Energy  &   Environment

  • •  Automotive

  • •  Tourism  &   Traveling

  • •  Legal  &   Financial

  • •  Fashion  &   Beauty

Why Choose Word Works

If we are committed to anything here at Word Works, then it is quality. In fact, we were the first Spanish company in this sector to achieve ISO 9002:94 quality certification. Over the years, we have specialized in language project management processes. With a very strict quality policy, we only deliver the best solutions. All of our efforts and commitment reflect our software and web translation services. Our expertise, experience, and efficiency will help you localize your software and website, improve your user experience, and achieve success.