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Translation Services

In an increasingly global world, proper and accurate translation is becoming of utmost importance for companies and individuals all over the world. It’s impossible to do business without a proper translation. The risk of a misunderstanding in any industry is just not worth it.

That’s why Word Works has some of the best translation services on the market. We understand the need to deliver accurate translations because they represent your business. Our range of translation services are intended to provide your business and your clients with the best representation of your business. As a leading translation agency, Word Works provides tailor-made solutions for all your translation and international relation needs. Whether you need document translation services or professional translation services, our professional translators will ensure a quality translation.

General Language Translation Services

Translation project management is our cornerstone, our driving force and the window that connects us to the outside world. The experience and learning we have acquired throughout all these years have transformed Word Works into much more than a translation agency. At Word Works, we manage any linguistic need our clients bring forth with the utmost quality.

We provide general translation services for all your needs. Our network of linguists dedicates their time and effort to deliver the most accurate language translations whether it’s a contract for a massive international business or just a simple document. Our general certified translation services are suitable for a variety of needs.

Specialized Translation Services

Language is not standard. Each language has its own specific culture, semantics, phonology, and syntax. Mastering these takes years of practice. That’s why Word Works handpicks the most professional certified translators and linguists.

Work Works extensive network of linguists is not only specialized in the language, but also in the different sectors we work with. Our team distinguishes between three levels of specialization: linguistic, industrial and, most importantly of all: the client. We create teams that are specialized in the terminology of each client so that we understand the exact translation that you need.

Language has many components and our network of linguists delivers the most accurate specialized translation services to our clients.

Sworn Translation Services

Public tenders, contracts, registrations in emerging markets, annual accounts, etc. Each country’s legal requirements are different. On many occasions, our clients require translations with the necessary certification for the country where they need to submit the documentation. Word Works relies on collaborators based all over the world so as to ensure that the documentation is not only translated but also that it complies with the necessary legal requirements.

We make sure every one of our sworn translations is tailored to the country where the document is being submitted. Correct translation and necessary legal certifications of countries are crucial in a court of law or wherever your sworn translation is going. Word Works is the best translation services agency for all your international legal documents.

Our Multi-Sector Expertise

Word Works provides all our services for a wide variety of sectors and markets. We know that every industry needs the best translation services and we deliver exactly that. We provide official translation services for the following sectors:

  • •  Medical   &   Pharmaceutical

  • •  Machinery  &   Engineering

  • •  Technology

  • •  Energy  &   Environment

  • •  Automotive

  • •  Tourism  &   Traveling

  • •  Legal  &   Financial

  • •  Fashion  &   Beauty

If you or your company needs help from a translation service company, Word Works can lend a hand. Our general, specialized, and sworn language translation services are the most reliable out there. If you’re looking to start a project, get a quote today.